100 Year-Old Memento

I’ve yet to trace the origin of sweetheart scarves, whether they began with WWI or earlier.  What I do know is as Corporal John Lurker departed Evansville, Indiana, USA for Europe in 1918 at the height of the “war to end all wars,” my grandmother’s beau presented her with one.  The scarf measures about a... Continue Reading →

After D-Day

The events occurring on D-Day, June 6, 1944, nearly seventy-five years ago, are widely celebrated in books, films, and on any number of web sites. Some call the landings on the beaches of Normandy the most celebrated battle of the war—though there were others of equal scope and ferocity in Europe and the Pacific. But... Continue Reading →

Brothers, Rivals, Victors

At two inches thick, weighing two pounds, and holding seven hundred pages between its covers, Brothers, Rivals, Victors is an imposing book, nearly as big and proud as the three men it portrays. For anyone interested in World War II, the book is a must read, an entertaining and compelling story of three of the men... Continue Reading →

Poppies: We Remember

Memorial Day this year is Monday, May 28, 2018. I'll be wearing (or perhaps just posting) a bright red poppy over my heart to say, “I Remember.”  Millions of people around the world wear a poppy on Remembrance Day to honor the fallen in World War I and other wars. In the United States we... Continue Reading →

The Draft: WWI to Vietnam

I was a child of the 60s and 70s, in college at the height of the Vietnam War protests, a junior during the Kent State incident. I was not among the protesters. As a child born into a military family, I supported our country, our government, and our military in those chaotic days. I believed... Continue Reading →


I don't have a quote to share from my father. He was a man of few words and until late in life, like other WWII veterans had little to say about his war years. Still, he was proud of his contribution to defending our country. After serving as a fighter pilot in North Africa and... Continue Reading →

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