Progress on WWII Remembrances

Whether you have a family member or friend who served in World War II or even if you just enjoy reading the exploits of those who served, you’ve likely tripped over a repository of veterans stories in your travels across the internet. The different websites housing the stories have different goals … perhaps the best known is the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project which … Continue reading Progress on WWII Remembrances

Precision Research: UFOs and Bombsights

What we know to be true about UFOs and Norden Bombsights In January 2021, the CIA released a trove of previously “secret” documents on unidentified flying objects. And then, as CIA representatives pushed their chairs back from the table, they claimed to have disclosed everything they have. But after looking at the videos about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, most of us would say, “nothing to see … Continue reading Precision Research: UFOs and Bombsights

The Luck of the Draw. The Roll of the Dice.

At 0300 on June 25, 1943, a jeep crept quietly through the dark to one of the Niessen huts at Thorpe Abbotts airfield. The sergeant on board, entered, reached the bunk of Lt. Stanley O. Morrison placed a hand on Morrison’s shoulder and nudged him awake. Not that anyone in the barracks was asleep. Each of the dozen or more men lying on his own … Continue reading The Luck of the Draw. The Roll of the Dice.

The USS Indianapolis + 75 Years

Georgia Men Among the Crew of the Ill-fated USS Indianapolis in 1945 Seventy-five years ago, only minutes past midnight on July 30, 1945, the Imperial Japanese submarine I-58 launched two torpedoes in the dark waters of the south Pacific. They sped toward the USS Indianapolis striking her in the bow and at midship. The story of what transpired following the attack is well known to navy veterans and WWII historians and … Continue reading The USS Indianapolis + 75 Years

Recognized in a SOTU, Then What?

PART 1 Last week in his State of the Union (SOTU) address, President Trump recognized a number of “ordinary citizens” in the gallery, continuing the practice begun by President Reagan in 1982. This year the group included four members and veterans of the military or their families:  Tony Rankins who served in the US Army in Afghanistan, suffered from PTSD and drug addiction but who … Continue reading Recognized in a SOTU, Then What?

Research for Authors

Sometimes an author’s research takes her to a place she’d rather not go. Still to ensure a book, a story, an article, or a blog post rings true, authors must delve deep behind the scenes, no matter how squeamish the subject matter. As what I call a natural born researcher, I love to dig for the little details that bring a scene to life. For … Continue reading Research for Authors