Vietnam Plus 51 Years

This summer, fifty-one years after he served as an A-1H pilot in Vietnam, former US Air Force Lt. Hampton Tillery visited the Tennessee Aviation Museum in Sevierville, Tennessee. He came to see the fully restored aircraft that he flew during the war. Not just nay A-1H Skyraider, but the exact aircraft that he flew during 177 missions in 1970s. When Hampton, a longtime friend, told … Continue reading Vietnam Plus 51 Years

Ten on a Topic: China

Its History, Its People and Culture, and its Designs for the Future In his most prophetic and frightening statement in his book, On China, Kissinger cites Immanuel Kant’s argument that perpetual peace will come to the world in one of two ways: “by human insight or by catastrophes of a magnitude that leave us no other choice.” And, he says, we are at that juncture. Those … Continue reading Ten on a Topic: China