Pearl Harbor Eighty Years On

The Normandy American Cemetery may be the most familiar of all the American cemeteries and memorials commemorating American fallen in World War II, and it is an incredibly moving experience to walk through the innumerable rows of crosses and Stars of David and on the rust-colored sand of the nearby beaches. But a half a world away, tomorrow at the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii, we’ll … Continue reading Pearl Harbor Eighty Years On

Vietnam Plus 51 Years

This summer, fifty-one years after he served as an A-1H pilot in Vietnam, former US Air Force Lt. Hampton Tillery visited the Tennessee Aviation Museum in Sevierville, Tennessee. He came to see the fully restored aircraft that he flew during the war. Not just nay A-1H Skyraider, but the exact aircraft that he flew during 177 missions in 1970s. When Hampton, a longtime friend, told … Continue reading Vietnam Plus 51 Years

Ten on a Topic: China

Its History, Its People and Culture, and its Designs for the Future In his most prophetic and frightening statement in his book, On China, Kissinger cites Immanuel Kant’s argument that perpetual peace will come to the world in one of two ways: “by human insight or by catastrophes of a magnitude that leave us no other choice.” And, he says, we are at that juncture. Those … Continue reading Ten on a Topic: China

WWII Historical Fiction: The Enduring Interest

It may be D-Day and the Normandy invasion all over again. If you don’t believe me, take a glance at the number of books about World War II swarming bookshelves this year. I’ve given up trying to find an accurate count. Goodreads identified 61 newly released WWII novels at midyear, compared with 100 last year at this time. While Amazon had no trouble finding 100 … Continue reading WWII Historical Fiction: The Enduring Interest

A Casualty of the Spirit

PTSD in History in Literature and in All of Us In the wake of the United States military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, mainstream and social media were all consumed with the news. A suicide bombing that resulted in the deaths of thirteen of our soldiers and marines. Reports of our abandonment of citizens and allies. Images of terrorists celebrating America’s defeat. The result, reportedly, for untold … Continue reading A Casualty of the Spirit

“We Were Soldiers” and Wielded Pens

Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore and journalist Joe Galloway, who once accompanied Moore into the field, wrote the acclaimed book We Were Soldiers Once … and Young about a battle in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam. The book, published in 1992, was a New York Times Bestseller. We don’t often think of our military leaders as writers outside the very narrow realm of treatises on war … Continue reading “We Were Soldiers” and Wielded Pens

Progress on WWII Remembrances

Whether you have a family member or friend who served in World War II or even if you just enjoy reading the exploits of those who served, you’ve likely tripped over a repository of veterans stories in your travels across the internet. The different websites housing the stories have different goals … perhaps the best known is the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project which … Continue reading Progress on WWII Remembrances

Cigarettes in War and Peace

Can you name a film from the 1940s or 1950s where the actors did not smoke, sometimes throughout the movie? Probably not. Besides giving characters something to do with their hands, Hollywood considered smoking to be sophisticated and sexy. Thankfully, today, with greater awareness of the hazards of smoking, and noble efforts by the American Cancer Society, we see much less tapping of cigarette packs, … Continue reading Cigarettes in War and Peace

Memorial Day x 3 in Georgia

Memorial Day is often thought of as the beginning of summer, although the official start is still three weeks away. And this weekend, after the long months of pandemic-induced isolation, many Americans will gather the kids and head to the beach or the mountains with bicycles strapped to the bumper and the trunk full of beach blankets. With amusement parks and barbecue bake offs calling, … Continue reading Memorial Day x 3 in Georgia