A Military Man Is Mentored through Books

Meet Dr. Jean Gilnord Mathurin, medical officer in the United States Navy and firm believer in the power of books. And, keep reading to learn more about the military and its reading recommendations.

Dr Mathurin is a Haitian immigrant who raised himself from dishwasher to a US Naval Medical Officer. He shared his perspective on books and what he believes are the keys to success in a recent post on DODReads. Excerpts from the post follow:

As a child growing up in poverty in Haiti, Dr. Jean Gilnord Mathurin knew he had a better life ahead, but naysayers said otherwise. When his second-grade teacher told Dr. Mathurin that he was from a dumb family and would not amount to anything, Dr. Mathurin decided he would become a physician just to prove her wrong. His friends told him it wasn’t possible.

My biggest break in life came when . . . someone I looked up to gave me a piece of advice that changed my life. . . . He saw that I was uncertain . . . and he told me that I could accomplish any level of success I desired in life so long as I sought mentorship from successful men and women in that specific field. I did not have such successful people in my circle at that time, so he advised me to seek their mentorship through their books.”

Dr. Mathurin migrated to the US, found work as a dishwasher at a casino—with limited English and no money. Ten years later, Dr. Mathurin not only achieved his goal, but found himself having the great privilege to be a medical officer in the United States Navy.

In 2018, Dr. Mathurin compiled his thoughts into a self-help book,  Checklist Items for Success: A Guide to a Richer and More Successful Life which Kirkus Reviews hailed as a “book of noble, sincere, and expressive advice for living.” He hopes people will read and be inspired by his book and six others on his recommended list.

You can read Dr. Mathurian’s comments on each book and the full post here.

And to learn about the military’s belief in books and reading, connect with DODReads.

The group was founded by John Laney an active duty Naval Officer who came before a command board for a promotional opportunity. He nearly failed when he could not answer their first question. “What are you reading?” Yes, the military expects more from their officers than knowledge of the military and tactics—they believe true leaders are well grounded, well rounded people and that comes from a lifelong commitment to learning and reading widely.

I have joined the group and will be sharing more of what I learn about reading and lifelong learning from the DODReads influencers.

Tell me what you think and most importantly . . . what YOU are reading.

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