The Three-War Survivor’s League

Just over one thousand men. That’s how many veterans the Veterans Administration estimates still remain of the 72,000 who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, according to an article by the Panama Herald in May 2019.

One of the three-war-veterans was one-hundred-year-old US Air Force Col. Charles McGee (pictured above) who helped toss the coin for the 54th Super Bowl (and 100th NFL season) in Miami on February 2, 2020. He was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II; and he flew over 400 missions during his three-war service. Joining him in the toss ceremony was another one-hundred-year-old, three-war-veteran, Samuel Lombardo.

The subject of the Panama Herald article and member of the Three War Survivor’s League is Lt. Col. Daniel Daube, also an air force, navy, and army veteran, as well as a space program veteran. For his duty during three wars and in three branches of service his photo hangs on the Wall of Honor at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

In 2017, another three-war-veteran was in the news, and once again it was another pilot. Sam Northway, at the time ninety-one years old, took to the skies for his birthday, flying around his home at a hospice in Kansas, courtesy of the Commemorative Air Force. “The earth looks beautiful when you’re flying over it, looking down. It doesn’t look like that when you’re on the ground looking at it,” Sam said. Or, my guess, when you are in the middle of a battlefield.

US Army Major Virgil Lee, videotaped by in 2017, said, although he doesn’t think of it much anymore, he was “just lucky.” He was on his way to Japan when the Korean War started and he was diverted to Korea and the front lines, survived, and later went on to serve in Vietnam.

Calvin Pascetta, spent 30  years in the Navy through three wars and said he “almost got tapped” for the Gulf War. “I love the sea,” the ninety-five-year-old told the KTNV crew in a video the news organization taped from Calvin’s home.

These story snippets are merely that, just a tiny window into the lives of men who served their country, not once, not twice, but three times, throughout their long lives, and would do it again. If you know of someone like these six who has not told their story, make sure they do. And then share their tale with us.

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