Bring ’em back

FDR and MacArthur (and me)

Two men we could use today. Although they had their disagreements, they left this country better than they found it. Both were larger than life and both suffered greatly in their rise to greatness.

Their lives were perhaps mirror opposites. FDR, struck with polio at the age of 39, fought to overcome his disease, hiding it from the public–a feat that would be impossible in today’s world of ubiquitous cameras. Nevertheless, he was a model of determination and persistence, being elected not once but four times to the office of President of the United States.

MacArthur fought valiantly in World War I in France and was considered a hero. Then, he marries and heads West Point. But, his star would fall, forced to leave West Point and later removed (by FDR) from his role with the US Army in the Philippines. He vowed to return and did, but his time had passed.

Today the two are brought to life by “impersonators” so that a new generation can know them and their achievements. Former dentist, Dr. Hal Raper, appears as FDR and delivers the former President’s Day of Infamy speech, complete with cigarette in cigarette holder, spectacles, pocket watch, tie and pocket square as well as authentic leg braces. Opposite him is Ken Cobb as General Douglas MacArthur, in full uniform and corn cob pipe, ready to wade ashore or answer questions about the controversial figure.

See and find out more on both men at:
Hal Raper: TBD
Ken Cobb:

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